100 springs hill

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


100 springs hill gets the fokelore of a Yu Baiquan faery, scene area depth 7.5 kilometers, the under cover in hill counts 100 spring, make gorge stream constant. 100 springs hill has one show (hill is beautiful) , 2 strange (the peak is strange) , 3 beauty (water is beautiful) , 4 absolutely (cereal absolutely) 4 big characteristic.

Enter scene area, beautiful hill beautiful description is like Changjiang Delta, one pace one scene, afford for thought. Modelling of strange cliff strange stone is distinctive, one cliff one appearance, one Shi Yijing, daydream making a person is boundless, "Fly stone " be high up in the air and stand, "Divine chelonian full moon " " monkey of all ages stone " " Tathagata palm " " sit in meditation listens classics " lifelike.

Fabulous always the place that finger of 100 springs faery crosses is formed emerge spring, make 100 springs hill has a spring everywhere, it is water everywhere, formed all sorts of landscape such as spring, pool, waterfall, brook, river, no matter Chun Xiaqiu winter, gurgle of clear spring of 100 springs hill, ding Dong has charm. Cataract has the waterfall of the Milky way, arhat waterfall, waterfall that wind a day, flying Apsaras waterfall. Renown spring has spring of Le Yuquan, Qing Longquan, spring knowing a fish, goddess spring, bath celestial being to wait, scene area is hind have tip of chute suspension cliff, fall many meters 60, be just as avalokitesvara Bodhisattva to hold clean bottle brandish to asperse timely rain, friend name " avalokitesvara waterfall " . This chute Chun Xiaqiu 3 season stream is constant, winter forms tremendous ice to hang, weiwei is grand.

The yangtao that there is without number in scene macaque cereal absolutely is cultivated, in the end of 100 springs hill, formed a beautiful and grand green cereal, like a piece large network of green covered a valley. Have hawkthorn, wild pear, filbert, wild jujube, mulberry more, countless, real and infrequent.

Tickets And Time

15 yuanHow To Get There

100 springs hill is apart from Beijing conciliatory the city zone 20 kilometers, be located in between lake of wild goose dwell and glen god pool, 111 countries two side. Can arrive east straight door arrives directly by 936 buses, yi Ke arrives by 916 buses conciliatory, turn to arrive by small bus again.

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