Area of culture of travel of an ancient name for China

By admin - Posted on 19 January 2009


The area of culture of travel of an ancient name for China of Pudong southeast ministry is the area that Pudong locates culture reachs travel function exclusively, border Pudong international airport, this are divisional for east, on the west two: The area lives for culture western, already built bowling of club of house of celebrity of memorial hall of park of culture of an ancient name for China, Wu Changshuo, Pudong, new scope of operation, an ancient name for China now happy center of house, Hua Tianyu. The eastpart part is area of travel of seaside of 3 armour harbor. Already built club of country of area of high-grade seaside villa and Lin Kesai golf now. 3 armour harbor has 3 armour harbor bathing place and intertropical sea palace cover an area of 500 mus, total investment exceeds 1 billion, to exceed the man-made tropics of large whole sealing marine You Lejing is nodded. How To Get There

South Shanghai railway station of Pu Xi, boreal square, people square (Jin Ling on the west road) , Xu Jiahui (house thing upper part of the body) , often on the west park of the door, Lu Xun (5 horn field) , the Gao Qiao of Pudong (3 fork harbor) , temple of tall travel, Qing Ning, rest Pu Lu, shanghai stadium travel is distributing center the center travels 3 lines hair goes to plain sand 7: 00- - 17: 30, 30 minutes.
Drive oneself circuit: The urban district, Na Pu big bridge, Long Yang road, Long Dong highway, Zhang Jiang Lu Huaxiadong road - plain sand road - new plain road.

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