Area of travel of celestial being stage

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Travel area is located in celestial being stage to always decide foot of a hill of stage of riverside, celestial being to fall. Brooklet of the trickling sluggishly inside scene area leads to the young season pool that clear green jade shows, landscape blends. Early morning, mist surrounds mountain peak, more appear forest luxuriantly green, flowers and plants is gorgeous. Rock marvellous spectacle, lie stand have send, the summit sleeps it is in that way peaceful and carefree that Buddha lets a person feel amiable.

Natural condition is advantageous inside beauty spot, source of the goods and materials that use plant is very rich. The plant has 500 about a variety of, have famously among them according to Shan Gong, according to hill millet of lotus of white, gold, wild baby, officinal plant has 300 a variety of. Teem with in mountain forest it grind a few kinds of nutrition such as stay of proceedings, agaric is rich and chrysanthemum, OK to grind a few kinds of nutritions such as stay of proceedings, agaric the potherb of edible. Xia Qiu is seasonal, flower of of all kinds opens cereal of Man Shanye channel, deck of hill of celestial being stage gorgeous all the more. Scene area wild animal a few kinds, birds kind about a hundred kinds. Hill, water, flower, wood, bird, animal, fish, bug exuberant.

Before scene area, always decide a river winding stream drip, tourist can swim in the river, feel a fish, catch shrimp, that is outskirt open interest another.

Tickets And Time

30 yuanHow To Get There

Multiply 615 times in the station austral Beijing, 643, 815 times train gets off to wild goose wing, or drive to be indicated by guide along 109 nations line can arrive.

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