Area of travel of loose hill forest

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Area of travel of loose hill forest is the one part of groove guard of loose hill nature, be located in Beijing to delay ministry of the northwest that celebrate a county, in swallow mountain mountain range army in hill, be apart from the urban district 90 more than kilometer. The climate of travel area is typical country climate, because suffer altitude and small landform effect, climate is delightful, was labelled by the State Council 1986 groove guard of national level nature.

Area of loose hill travel gives priority to body with natural landscape, scenery natural resources is solid, have distinguishing feature alone. The altitude of sea Tuo hill inside the area 2199.6 meters, for Beijing the 2nd height, there is hole of spring of natural oily pine forest, 100 waterfalls, the Eight Immortals in the legend, Song Yuetan, male lion to water inside the area, the tourist attraction of 30 more than place such as golden Chan full moon, flying Long Bi, each have distinguishing feature. Hill, water, stone, forest, ancient: Male, deep and remote, danger, strange, show offerred the enjoyment of beauty of condition of picturesque scene, poem, artistic conception to tourist.

Gujin of loose hill hot spring is famed, it is the good place of bath cure disease. Be in early the period of 1500 many Northen Wei Dynasty year ago by " carve stone authentic pool " , offer " bath of traditional Chinese painting of beautiful women " . Loose hill of clear person praise is " the beautiful place that installs system " , "The bethel that raises a body " .

Tickets And Time

30 yuanHow To Get There

From De Sheng the door multiplies 919 buses to transfer to Yan Qing county arrive directly at loose hill.

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