Army hill ski field

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Be located in hot spring of Chang Ping's famous hill of little boiling water to go vacationing village with north 5 kilometers, be apart from the urban district 30 more than kilometer, cover an area of nearly 2000 mus.

Army the area building snow that hill ski field has 150000 square metre, the integrated service facilities of 6000 more than square metre, pledge according to international standard and Chinese human body the characteristic is designed strictly first, medium, advanced trail depends on hill and build, total length achieves more than meters 4000.

Two the nearly 1000 meters intermediate way that has change of 20 kinds of different gradient, the skier that makes class of junior high school is made the same score with sailing upstream is too sufficient the strong interest that shows ski movement; Advanced course is opposite fall 247 meters, length 1200 meters, the biggest gradient 40% , it is to examine the good trail of advanced skier level. Blanket of a cableway of 2 passenger transport, demon and 8 trail are special procrastinate pulled equipment to assure enough transport power; 3100 import ski equipment, the administrative technological process that broad snow provides the hall and science and electron collect fees the system makes the day of snow field recieves ability to be able to achieve 6 1000 person-time.

Tickets And Time

Ferial and round-the-clock (day show) ski 160 yuan, a long time 120 yuan. Round-the-clock on the weekend (day show) 360 yuan, a long time 180 yuan, holiday is round-the-clock (day show) 380 yuan, a long time 240 yuan. Evening show 100 yuan.
Day show business hours: 08: 00 - 18: 00, evening show business hours: 17: 00 - 22: 00. How To Get There

Army hill ski field is apart from Beijing area only 35 kilometers, drive 40 minutes to be able to be arrived at oneself.

Drive oneself: 1, by 13C of the 8 high speed that amount to mountain exit comes prosperous be setting closes annulus island, go before east island closing link, arrive at ski field; 2, by 8 Da Ling higher primary school Shang Shan exports Beijing close flume, all the time eastwards, see guidepost is northerly, arrive at ski field; 3, You Yayun village is northerly, establish water bridge, promote Shou Xiangxi, see guidepost is again northerly, arrive at ski field.

Bus: 1, 345 branch line can be taken in De Sheng door, chang Pingdong closes after getting off, change arranges a village 21 times to get off really to Cui bourg walk a few minutes 10 north, can arrive at ski field. 2, can take city iron (13 lines) in Long Ze the station gets off, change arranges a village 21 times really to Cui bourg, walk a few minutes 10 north, can arrive at ski field. The proposal is in east island closing link gets off, make a range next to snow field 10 yuan of money.

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