Bai Hujian

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Beauty spot of nature of white tiger gully is located in prosperous to make the same score prefectural Yang Fang to press down, altitude 850 meters, be apart from the urban district 20 kilometers, gross area 4.6 million square metre, belong to too travel hill more than arteries and veins, element has " divine mountain 1000 peaks " say.

Scene area 3 annulus hill, only southeast direction is Campagna, distinctive relief makes here formed the microclimate that differs with the outside. Stone of the hill inside scene area is abrupt and arduous, strange peak cave is spread all over, tree spends Guo Maocheng; Channel cereal is labyrinthian and winding, strange stone forest stands, landscape is beautiful. Among them " the water spring channel, Bai Longtan, Hei Longtan, pool that reflect a month " wait for a scenery excellent and clinking, modelling of each different " time the day imprints, the column that prop up a day, growl visitting a day " wait for pictographic stone, lifelike.

Tickets And Time

10 yuanHow To Get There

De Sheng door gets off to 3 rivers by 345, transfer again.

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