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View of cloud of boreal parts in Beijing opera spoken in Beijing dialect is Taoism completely true the first forest, be Taoism is completely true 3 greatly one of ancestor front courtyard. In the memory of broad Taoism apprentice, it is having great place. In the meantime, it in order to collect Taoism cultural relic the richest, save the most complete and attracting domestic and international large quantities of believer and tourist. Bai Yun watchs a tourist guide graphIntroduction

The day that Bai Yun watchs predecessor to fasten Tang Dynasty grows the ruins that watch reason, only then build at Tang Kaiyuan 29 years (the Christian era 741 years) . Today the old gentleman that Bai Yun watchs sits resemble be what make carved stone at that time. Jin Zhenglong 5 years (1160) , beijing Qidan a group of things with common features south invade, day long view burns by arms ammunition danger. Gold decides 7 years greatly (1167) imperial order life is repaired again, last a period of time 7 carry, come to be decided greatly 14 years (1174) in March complete.

To celebrate hall eaves completion, field of highway of 3 days of 3 night was held inside view, jin Shizong leads 100 officials big inside attend a ceremony comes before official, grant a name to say " 10 Fang Datian long view " , and the life is famous at that time Taoism priest Ge Deyuan is chaired for this view. Decide 26 years greatly (1186) 10 Fang Tianchang view watch abbot of Sun Daoming of well-known Taoism priest thing, ever made up hereat long " Xuan Doubao hides big gold " .

Peaceful mixes 2 years (1202) the 15th day of a lunar month of the first month of the lunar year, calamity of Yu Huo of meet with of misfortune of day long view, only Yu Laojun stone resembles. Next year repair again, after building, incognito say " too extremely palace " . 祐 of Jin Xuanzong chastity 2 years (1215) , country situation is depressed, yu Bian of move the capital to another place, too extremely Gong Sui gradually bedraggled.

Yuan first Qiu Changchun true person returns from snow Shandong, yuan Taizu 19 years (1224) to Yan Jing, grant be on too extremely palace. Palace watchs a dreariness at that time, everywhere rubble, changchun true person satisfies life Pan Shanqi Yun Zi Wang Zhijin advocate get build, last a period of time 3 years, dian Yu abandons a house to look brand-new again. Too ancestor 22 years (1227) , ascend to heaven and become immortal of Qiu Changchun true person hereat, of the same age, into Jisaihan instruct aim changes call " Changchun palace " . Second year, yin annals equality issues a courtyard to build place suitable hall to hide Qiu Zuxian exuviate in side of Changchun Gong Dong.

Yuan end, in successive years contends for battle, eaves of Changchun palace former hall declines with each passing day bridge, the project is repaired to change to spread out in order to be in suitable hall for the center again after, bright easy name is watched for Bai Yun first. At the beginning of Qing Dynasty, in Wang Changyue abbot chaired next dialogue cloud view to undertake be weighinged large-scaly repairing again, basic honour the dimensions that decided view of white now cloud.

After new China holds water, people government implements religious policy, protect the place of historic interest of cultural relic, 1956, aided financially Taoism bound twice to repair Bai Yun of fine and soft to watch early or late 1981, restore Gong Guanjian buy and archaic building style and features. After rebuilding everywhere lofty of hall Yu Zhuangli, instauration view, year the atmosphere that the complete Zhen Zuting of deep disrepair reproduces the first forest.

Labelled view of palace of countrywide Taoism key 1984, open to the outside world at the same time. Institute of Taoism of Chinese Taoism association, China all is set in this.

Tickets And Time

10 yuanHow To Get There

Address: Beijing the city zone revives on the west outside the door white Yun Ludong side
By 9, 47, 114, 308, 320 spur track can arrive

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