Baidi Causeway

By admin - Posted on 27 March 2008

The Baidi Causeway(白堤), on the north shore of the lake, links up with Solitary Hill(孤山), a large island brimming with plants and grassy parks. Wander past inviting park benches, cross bridges where old men fly kites, then enter a honeycomb of tree-shrouded pagodas where snacks and beverages are served. At the midnight, it's also a romantic place for lovers. You can enjoy quenching refreshments at several outdoor cafes or inside aged pagodas.Churn around the northern edge of the lake and take in the rich views. If the lake is calm, the reflection of Baoshi Hill(宝石山) on the water is amazing. If you feel like watching things swim about, the Flower Harbor(花港观鱼), home to thousands of obese carp is a must-see.

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