Balcony hill

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Wood of scene area middle forest is flourish, gushu is numerous. Balcony hill is sunrise of Beijing outskirt first-rate views and admire one of ground, there are a lot of famous places and historical siteses in hill, have already with dish the park of vulture peak forest with mountain ancient famous line, again chiliad ancient Buddhist templeput on the brakes becomes aware greatly temple, in the highest peak in a mountain range clever height falls, still have grave of saves very thoroughly Qing Chaochun infante.

Into spring later (it is about by April) , one after another of flower of the apricot flower of balcony hill, peach blossom, pear, apple flower, oriental cherry is open, your Xie Qu I bloom, discretion of far and near is full of a flower. In April when subsidise of the awaken of spring inside bottom, capital, the awaken of spring inside balcony hill thick. With " Gu Si 8 absolutely " famed become aware greatly inside the temple, clean of jade of hundred years yulan magnolia is sweet thick, work to spend firm strong Jun Yi.

Tickets And Time

8 yuanHow To Get There

Cong Yi and garden take 346 buses to install river station to get off in north arrive namely.

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