Beach person goes sightseeing all right outside channel

By admin - Posted on 19 January 2009


The beach outside coupling Pu Xi and mouth of Pudong land home area of travel of two business affairs, tourist is taken in enclosed in sightseeing railroad car, in weak point finish inside a few minutes with " pass through the earth " high-tech dream is itinerary, witness mysterious sky and vast ocean, had sailed in boiling magma mantle, centrosphere, the boundless acoustics with listen respectfully and interactive landscape.
Place: Pu Xi passageway and Nanjing east road, Beijing east tunnel of travel of person of the beach outside the road is linked together, pudong passageway is located in bank inside river highway greenbelt, lead to respectively " Oriental bright phearl " , yacht dock and way of way of land home mouth. Tickets And Time

Single ticket 40 yuan, return dicket 50 yuan. Free of charge of 1 meter of the following children, 1 meter of above come single ticket of 1.4 meters of children 20 yuan / person, return dicket 25 yuan / person, 1.4 meters of above buy adult ticket.
Battalion carry time:
On May 1 - on October 31 19: 00-22: 30
On November 1 - on April 30 17: 00-22: 00

How To Get There

Public transportation 55, 123, 910 can arrive.

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