Beauty spot of Yun Xiugu You Lie

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Beauty spot of You Lie of cloud caving cereal is located in Xinchengzi Yao bridge valley, be apart from 132 kilometers of Beijing, here environment is superior, hill field area is vast, rate of establish coverture top amounts to 95% above, you Lie area is muti_function travel area, cent chases for close cloud international the branch such as beauty spot of cereal of shooting gallery of field, modern UFO and Mongolia custom village, Yunxiu.

Among them close cloud international huntings shooting has enclosed shooting, open mode shooting is close 120 square kilometer, the wild animal such as deer, roe deer, Qing Yang, fox, pheasant, hare is amounted to 20 a variety of, to chase domestic and internationally lover provides the ground of use force. UFO shoots recreational garden to show amorous feelings of bright generation of primitive simplicity, close all around, flutter of banners and flags, 4 dynamoelectric control cast target drone, safety factor is higher, place oneself among them you but distinguish oneself. Happy area of upper reaches of water of lake of mist clever celestial being, can go angling, swim, row, take motor boat.

Tickets And Time

20 yuanHow To Get There

Door of fierce of 3-10 month announce is taken swim 16 can arrive directly.
Daily 6:00 by east straight door is long-distance the station leaves for close cloud 20 minutes every an order, arrive after close cloud station, have the size bus that leaves for area of Yun Xiugu scene at any time.

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