Beijing folk-custom museum

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Beijing folk-custom museum is set in collect yuan, bright, the countrywide key cultural relic that clear Gu Jianqun is an organic whole protects an unit - Beijing Dong Yue temple, it is a capital exclusive a country does folk-custom kind museum.

Beijing folk-custom museum held water 1997, aim culture of history of temple of Dong Yue of protection, mining, collect cultural relic of Beijing area folk-custom, research, reveal, promote the Chinese nation outstanding and traditional culture, open formally 1999 to the society.

Series of scenery of old Beijing folk-custom is held to exhibit all the year round inside museum, whenever it is midday of the Spring Festival, end, important to wait mid-autumn traditional festival holds formal diversity, the folk-custom activity of rich and colorful.

How To Get There

Address: Wai Street of door of sunny area rising sun 141 date

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