Beijing program exhibition

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Beijing program exhibition teachs base for Beijing patriotism. This house floor area 16 thousand square metre, reveal an area to make an appointment with 8000 square metre. Its reveal content to include place of the long history of Beijing city, Olympic Games to plan, and prospective Beijing is in afforest beautification, improvement the traffic situation, program blue print that realizes the respect such as municipal infrastructure modernization. Exhibition content has deep culture intention, the form is novel, direct, it is to undertake love the motherland, love the vivid teaching material that Beijing teachs. Tickets And Time

Exhibition hall 30 yuan, 3D multimedia cinema 10 yuan, 4D multimedia cinema 10 yuan.
Chinese explains 100 yuan / second (2 hours) , more than 2 hours are added receive 50 yuan;
Foreign language explains 200 yuan / second (2 hours) , more than 2 hours are added receive 100 yuan.
Close a shop every week. How To Get There

Address: Front door of Chong Wen area east ave 20 (southeast Tiananmen Square, railway station of front door old Beijing east side)
Traffic: Multiply 9, 44, 110, or station of 2 lines front door issues the subway

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