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In east ground of the city zone installs door Wai Street. Site is cabinet of yuan of center of Dai Moning temple. Ming Yongle 18 years (1420) build, yu Huo is destroyed after, qing Qianlong 10 years (1745) rebuild. Build go up at desk of lofty bricky stone wall, grey canister cover with tiles is green cut an edge to rest the summit, open certificate door on four sides, make an appointment with 33 meters high, structure of total brick stone, delicate and solid. Hang formerly inside the building have always happy year (1403-1424 year) the big Tie Zhong of casting, change after dangerous have always happy year of problem fund is large about 27 centimeters copper bell. Tie Zhongjin puts museum of ancient bell of big clock temple. The north of the bell, axes in rousing 2 buildings to be located in Beijing is carried, with south Jingshan echo each other at a distance, each other is borrow scene, it is the main objective that studies position of Beijing town planning. How To Get There

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