Cabinet of 10 thousand Buddha

By admin - Posted on 19 January 2009


Feng Xian area acts according to the cabinet of 10 thousand Buddha of town north door, it is the Buddhist nun comparing grave that Shanghai implements scale quite Taoist or Buddhish rites, only then before building Yu Ming to take the place of, be apart from already had about 600 old ancient histories today. Introduction

Ming Hongwu of according to legend 19 years (the Christian era 1386) fair, imperatorial soup mixes letter country to build the city wall that give a city in this superintend and director, in case maritime Japanese pirates inbreaks, the on the spot of cabinet of 10 thousand Buddha that will be country small hut formerly rebuilds within bay of city of boreal door month. Accordingly, place has " have cabinet of 10 thousand Buddha first, have after give town " say.
Cabinet of 10 thousand Buddha declines after many all previous Shixing, at be being destroyed during Culture Revolution, rebuilt 1989. The cabinet of 10 thousand Buddha nowadays is comprised by building of 10 thousand Buddha, belfry and drum-tower, elevator of the device inside cabinet, form the situation that there is a hall in the hall, majestic air, buddha charm is long. Tickets And Time

5 yuan. How To Get There

In Shen village subway the station sits line of Shen carry on, and sit in Pudong pond bridge pond Hong Xianjun can arrive give town.

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