Cao Xueqin memorial hall

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Memorial hall of Cao snow Qin is located inside arboretum of the Beijing below the west hill foot with pretty scenery. Memorial hall is the rectangular compound that wall of a group of low courtyards surrounds, around two in all 18 rooms are abandoned, era builds copy Qing Dynasty.

In front of is exhibited room the model that the surroundings that exposes Dai Qi having Qing Dynasty's person, Cao Xueqin creates an environment in west hill life, major discovery that will 200 years concern Cao Xueqin one's lot reachs concerned article, book. The life extraction that back row exhibits indoor look 6 times to be Cao Xueqin, " red Lou Meng " affect two parts.

Box of mound of the old fashioned square table for eight people that there is folk-custom of folkway of times of Qin of emersion Cao snow in the item on display that display, a long low box with a lid on top, blue and white porcelain implement, and " red Lou Meng " in implements of mentioned a few folk-custom, the complete set sacrificial utensil that if Manchu Sa is full,teachs, silver-colored lock, handwarmer, horsetail whisk.

In addition, memorial hall monarchs additionally still only room reach all sorts of version to the positive result that Cao Xueqin studies showpiece " red Lou Meng " .

Tickets And Time

Close a shop one day every week. How To Get There

Address: Beijing Haidian area lies Buddha temple road, inside Beijing arboretum.
Traffic: By 331, 634, 696, carry connects 112 Beijing to arboretum stands or lie below Buddha temple station; Or 360, 318, 714, 698 arboretum stations get off north goes 200 meters.
Drive oneself: 1, 5 annulus - give sweet hill outlet, via island of sweet spring annulus, toward sweet hill direction about 300 meters arrive namely; 2, 4 annulus - give sweet hill outlet, toward sweet hill direction, make an appointment with Cheng of 10 minutes of cars.

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