Cattail chases depression

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Cattail huntings shooting is apart from 120 kilometers of Beijing depression, city of the hill that be apart from a room 75 kilometers, 108 nations line is nonstop, traffic is convenient.

Element of cattail depression countryside has " small Tibet " say, altitude 800 meters, year average air temperature 9 ℃ , east adjacent groove guard of nature of 100 beautiful hill, south with 10 cross beauty spot to be linked together, on the west, north and national level beauty spot are wild 3 slope border on. Here air is fresh, the scenery is pretty, the life inside shooting has more than 10 kinds of wild animal such as sika, roe deer, grouse, goat, hare, set small-sized archaize bow to hunting shooting is mixed for the wild animal farm that view and admire.

Tickets And Time

Chase not to receive entrance ticket. Can spend 50 yuan to ask a tourist guide to guide climb, at the same time place where troops are stationed of prey carry back. Hire double canister or shotgun of 5 a running fire one lever 30 yuan, do not time, bullet collects fees by every hair. How To Get There

Drive to arrive directly along 108 nations line; Perhaps multiply 917 buses to stand to Fang Shan from crossover, turn next the long-distance car that takes station of official horse water, 3 hours arrive.

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