Center of Beijing endangered animal

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Be located in always decide center of riverside forest zone, mutual include the country such as chicken of horse of pheasant of rainbow of golden monkey, green end, brown the wild animal that one class protects an animal inside more than kinds 40 many 2000, tourist can enter an animal to put in a suitable place to breed the ground visits the close quarters inside the area. The scene division that already built at present has area of zoology of country of garden of China pheasant chicken, takin, golden monkey area of familial type situation and medicinal powder put chicken of area, Bai Ma to come loose put garden, ounce the lake of Jing Yuan, swan and lemur island wet modes of life and relation to their environment that constitute area, still macaque country is cast feed the racoon dog in area, Wu Su to cast feed area, hoof kind zoology area, Australia ostrich area and eradicate animal grave area finally.

There is hostel inside the area comfortable elegant clean, mix between cent standard between average student, can satisfy activity of group of group of the conference, tourism and student winter, summer camp all sorts of need. Endangered animal center is special lay an organization for middle and primary school animal knowledge interlocution, see natural protection record photograph, organize the activity such as lights evening party.

Tickets And Time

Grow up 20 yuan, student 10 yuan, the group looks round to be booked ahead of schedule. How To Get There

Always decide the door to multiply road or 366 princess grave to come by 901 Huang Cun changes small communal car to arrive namely.

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