Cereal of peach source celestial being

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Be located in stone of close cloud county region of country of urban and rural churchyard, Yun Meng, be apart from 90 kilometers of Beijing. Scene area east remove close cloud reservoir on the west the Na Shicheng of the bank, support to the stage that watch a peak on the west, full-length 8 kilometers, gross area 16 square kilometer. Scene area gorge one lake 13 pools reach 6 waterfall the 70 place such as 4 pools plant one spring landscape, made a natural picture.

Scene area can be divided for area of division of the entertainment on water, a haven of peace, view Tanwang waterfall area. Lake of peach source celestial being is average depth of water 8 meters, the deepest 12 meters, herein can swim, go angling, row, ride two-men bicycle to see lake water panoramic. Peach source booth is small resting good place, ascend booth to look down at lake of peach source celestial being is panoramic, the natural beauty of lakes and mountains, all stop eye ground.

A haven of peace 3 annulus water, hill of all sides annulus, early morning can watch sunrise, it is recreational, the good place that go vacationing. Still have a miniature reproduction of a painting of wall of waterfall of peach source celestial being, Tong Lebao, a book from heaven in addition Ma Ya, invisible the landscape such as day of pagoda tree of hole of waterfall, a book from heaven, an affectionate couple, a gleam of. Strange stone of the peak inside scene area is beautiful, the day picture wall that 2 Buddha view draws is more fascinating. Summerly autumn season, lofty Chinese catalpa child tree of tree, Qing Qingshu, wild Shan Yang, white birch, pine is emerald green cypress and the discretion such as grape of horn of fascicular filbert straw, sesame seed, hill, yangtao is strewn at random, took a ma shelter to whole slope cereal.

Tickets And Time

36 yuanHow To Get There

Announce fierce door double cease day has car of special railway line to be able to arrive directly at scene area, car Cheng makes an appointment with 1 half hours; Or east straight door is multiplied 980 or 987 arrive directly.
Drive oneself: From the Beijing below 3 yuan of bridges close road comes close cloud, the line reachs the edge all right on the west stone town arrives namely.

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