Chaotian Gate of Chongqing

By admin - Posted on 30 March 2008

I was born in Chongqing. When I was young, I always dreamd to go to Chaotian Gate. It was the center of old Chongqing and attracted me so much.

If you want a taste of old Chongqing, the best place to begin is Chaotian Gate(朝天门), the only remaining city gate and Chongqing's cheif wharf on the Jialing River. Traffic is intense with freight and passenger ship docking day and night. From Chaotian Gate, there are great views of the green waters of the Jialing meeting the murky brown currents of the Yangtze. Within walking distance are the two cable cars crossing the Jialing and the Yangtze and providing stunning views of Chongqing's surroundings.

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