China century altar

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Be located in park of jade deep pool south, the eastern side is martial museum, the CCTV is in the west, it is to receive new chiliad and of designed build.

The tablet of China century altar that entry point carries south alive Ji Tan stone front, those who engrave is Jiang Zemin personal letter " China century altar " 5 big character, tablet stone the reverse side is China century altar inscriptive. Still overall length makes an appointment with 270 meters bronze corridor, engraved above from the mankind appears to the Christian era the time a way to numbering the year 2000.

Main body building includes century hall, thing square artistic house, contemporary and artistic house and house of multimedia number art, the annular mural inside century hall, circumference 117 meters, it is the mural of country's at present biggest congener variety. Be located in underground house of multimedia number art, can show program of 504 independent image at the same time at most.

Tickets And Time

Average bill 30 yuan, student ticket 20 yuan, organization ticket 24 yuan (20 pieces of above) , 21 yuan (100 pieces of above) , proof of old people of 60 years old of undergraduate, above, disabled, soldier 20 yuan. How To Get There

The subway museum of military affairs of a line stands, or bus 1, 4, 21, 65, 68, 308, 320, 337, 617, 728, get off 802 times to martial museum.

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