Chinese country museum

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Chinese country museum is one is given priority to with the history and art, the system reveals the Chinese nation the omnibus museum of long culture history.

Museum collection cultural relic is collected, archaeology, collect, research, reveal at a suit, collected the precious cultural relic that reflects Chinese ancient time, modern, contemporary history systematically, display with a variety of special subject through holding standing to be displayed basically, to domestic and international public comprehensive ground reveals course of as great as what publicize the Chinese nation history and brilliant culture, introduce world culture and outstanding culture. National museum already made the main room that culture of public high grade enjoys.

Reciprocal timing card
From 20 centuries since 90 time, chinese government can time those who receive main event the card is established in front door of Chinese country museum, will remind the public to salute the advent of important history hour.

To receive Hong Kong regression, "Chinese government restores exercise dominion to pour timing card to Hong Kong " on December 19, 1994, namely " Sino-British combination states " during signing 10 years, establish, this pours timing card to begin oneself rise zero hour stopped on July 1, 1997.

To receive Macao regression, "Chinese government restores to pour timing card to Macao exercise dominion " on May 5, 1998, namely Macao special zone prepares appoint can hold water to begin that day, this pours timing card to begin oneself rise zero hour stopped on December 20, 1999.

Hold in Beijing to receive the 29th Olympic Games, after Athenian Olympic Games concludes, olympic Games of Beijing make one's bow is periodic, beijing Olympic Games organizes committee on September 21, 2004 afternoon 6 when start " the Olympic Games poured Beijing 2008 timing card " , till Beijing Olympic Games kicked off on August 8, 2008 till.

Tickets And Time

Chinese country museum is shutting a house to rebuild at present in, predict to was opened afresh first half of the year 2010. How To Get There

Address: East the city zone east Chang'an Street 16
Traffic: Multiply 1, 4, 10, 22, 120; Or the subway Tian An Men of a line stands

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