Chinese geological museum

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Chinese address museum only then built 1916, it is our country builds the public science museum with the earliest house, with the history Tibet of long, allusion measures big, curiosa to lead tall, display rule the region of plentiful and substantial of achievement of elegant, scientific research Yu Yazhou is congener museum.

The world's highest dinosaurian fossil - giant Shandong dragon, and the Dou Zhen such as the stone implement of earth of disinter of hair of week mouth inn, Shi Zhu, spicula hides hereat. Here " lapidary hall " and " prehistoric biology hall " heaven and earth of the lapidary world that shows, fossil lets person exclaim unceasingly.

Tickets And Time

30 yuanHow To Get There

Address: On the west the city zone on the west 4 hotpot alley 15
Traffic: By 13, 22, 38, 47, 68, 101, 102, 103, 105, 109, 124, 409, 603, 709, 726, 806, 808, 812, 814, 823, 826, 846, 850 buses come 4 stations get off on the west.

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