Chinese rosewood museum

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Chinese rosewood museum is the special subject with the largest scale of Chinese head home kind museum of run by the local people. Museum collection collects research, display reveal red sandalwood art and appreciate China tradition classic furniture is an organic whole.

Can appreciate the attractive glamour of furniture of bright Qing Dynasty and conventional furniture here; Appreciation arrives small shrink the beauty of landscape of Chinese ancient architectural. Land of all-around, high level revealed red sandalwood here artistic essence of life is wonderful beautiful, emersion China traditionally brilliant.

Tickets And Time

50 yuanHow To Get There

Address: Sunny area founds a state door Wai Street 23
Traffic: Multiply 312, below station of inn of 728 tall tablet; By the subway 4 Hui Dong stations leave a line, eastwards 500 meters; Below station of inn of city iron tall tablet, to on the west 100 meters.

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