City of movie and TV of boreal general Tuo

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


City of movie and TV of boreal general Tuo is located in go in for sth in a large scale the palace austral countryside of prefectural seaing sea, be apart from the urban district 20 kilometers, cover an area of 300 thousand square metre, it is collect travel sightseeing, movie and TV films, movie and TV grinds long those who be an organic whole is muti_function city of culture of large movie and TV, it is afterwards CCTV does not have what rise abruptly after city of movie and TV of city of stannum, Zhuo, the wall of the 3rd big movie and TV that builds a style to give priority to tone with Ming Qingjian, its are built with bright, cool breeze case is given priority to.

There is the antique building such as temple of Tuo of general of red Lou Mengyuan, north in the city, still skill of Mongolia tea bag, crossover, disguise spends meeting, a ball made of strips of silk to face the favour activity that is permeated with traditional folk-custom culture. In addition, ming Qinggu presses down 3 streets the culture distinguishing feature that house of courtyard of one village, painting and calligraphy, contented art and pine, bamboo, Mei Sanyuan has Chinese tradition more.

City of movie and TV of boreal general Tuo has area of 20 many scene, landscape of 50 much place, still one place commemorates " red Lou Meng " the ancestral temple temple of author Cao Xueqin. Annual at the beginning of April, city of movie and TV of boreal general Tuo holds royal beautiful meeting contest, lion having dance and run all sorts of folk art performances such as land boat.

Tickets And Time

28 yuan, organization fare 24 yuan. How To Get There

Always decide the door to take car of special railway line of boreal general Tuo by road or 926 front door, princess grave is multiplied 901 to Huang Cun long-distance station turns special railway line of the Pu Tuo that multiply north. Or can amount to by 922 buses from front door.

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