Cogongrass aegis former residence

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Gentleman of aegis of cogongrass of room of cogongrass aegis former residence came to got a severe disease in Feburary 1981 in December 1974 the place of the life before be in hospital. Former residence is one covers an area of 800 square metre two enter siheyun, the living room of Mr Mao Dun, parlor preserves former appearance, mao Dun before one's death book, every day object, clothings, stationery, certificate, the by his facial ministry direct model issues face standard after Mao Dun dies, fingerprint, exhibit external here.

Former residence is additional set " great revolutionary writer Mao Dun " exhibition, reveal Mao Dun from adolescent till period dies life, basically be the photograph of his each period, also have some of in kind, wait like book, stationery.

Tickets And Time

5 yuan
Open time: Zhou Er comes weekday; Zhouyi rests.
Free day: On May 18How To Get There

Address: Beijing east alley of temple of favour of the circle after the city zone hands in road junction 13
Traffic: By 104, 108, 753, 113, 803 etc handing in the station austral road junction to get off westerly arrives namely.

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