Collect Long Tan

By admin - Posted on 19 January 2009


Border with Confucian temple have one park, be in because of 5 current such as unexpected drop river this is confluent, shape is like " 5 Long Huzhu " , friend name collects Long Tan. The hill inside garden, water, booth, cabinet one integrated mass, elegant and refined, with the of primitive simplicity of Confucian temple gallant set each other off becomes an interest. The hill island name in the pool Ying Kuishan, build will arrange 4 years tomorrow (1460) . Shan Dian has one booth, renown reach the clouds wells balanced, stand can look down at inside booth the pool that collect dragon is panoramic. Other tourist attraction still has cabinet of the four stars in the bowl of the Big Dipper, lark to wait toward phoenix stage.
Address: Fine district of city of the tower that decide an area 299
Phone: 021-59529604Tickets And Time

5 yuan
On May 1 - on September 30 5: 00, 17: 00
On October 1 - on April 30 6: 00, 17: 00

How To Get There

Can multiply public transportation north special railway line of fund of fine line, Shanghai arrives fine center of calm passenger transport stands, get off room for manoeuver can arrive all right.

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