Cool and refreshing cereal

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Beauty spot of travel of cool and refreshing cereal is a long and narrow landscape corridor, have the following 3 absolutely: 1, water amount is full. No matter be,be being returned in flood season is spring, section of Qiu Gan dry season, can watch the clear pool that watchs to Wei Weizhuang, flying waterfall inside scene area; 2, pool waterfall is concentrated, swim in what be less than 4 lis inside Cheng, distributinging move appearance the 5 waterfall with each different, differ size 13 pools, fact of Beijing outskirt area is infrequent; 3, chute is peculiar, from scene area westing 5 kilometers are to have north " water shade hole " the waterfall of 1000 feet pearl that say, it is 85.6 meters tall, huge fall flies outside cave oneself flow to fall continuously, like a snow-white bead shade.

The meal here is given priority to with Shan Ye gust, have distinguishing feature alone, congee of game barbecue, pheasant, hare, bake corn or millet cakes on a pan, millet waits. Additional, scene area form a complete set corresponding recreational project: Bonfire evening party, card pulls OK, bath of tough interesting fish with a hook and line, spring, float.

Tickets And Time

35 yuanHow To Get There

Beijing east straight door is multiplied east fine special railway line comes close cloud, turn by small bus.

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