Distant gold museum citying wall

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Distant gold museum citying wall is with gold in south water citying wall closes relics to be fundamental build, it is subterranean relics and history those who expose photograph tie is professional archaeology museum.

Museum floor area 2500 square metre, on the ground one, underground. The appearance just is like the archaic castle of a lofty. Subterranean part is heretofore our country the biggest archaic capital water closes relics, it is the important example of building of ancient time of research our country and irrigation works establishment. The on the ground one cent that exhibit a house is unit, discover for what water closes relics respectively and disentomb process, water involves building construction and value, water of our country town closes architectural to evolve into a process to wait.

Museum traverses the setose thiste city that introduces age the Warring States, city of Tang Dynasty secret state, distant Nanjing city, in gold city wall, urban layout, gong Cheng and yuan mostly urban features, showed the changes of this Beijing old city and progress adequately.

Tickets And Time

FreeHow To Get There

19, 59 wait for multichannel bus to be able to arrive.

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