Divine hall valley

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Beauty spot of nature of divine hall valley is apart from Beijing east straight door 65 kilometers, lake of Na Linyan dwell, great Wall of admire cropland valley is received on the west, north amounts to hill of Lian spring noisy cereal, candlestick. Place teems with a few kinds of medicinal materials, fokelore ever had a highly skilled doctor to come this opens medical hall, for common people solution disease is divided painful, get a name so " divine hall valley " .

The air inside beauty spot is fresh, water quantity is abundant, water quality chasteness, the water of lake of wild goose dwell of famed far and near results from this. Here all the year round running water is ceaseless, everywhere of water of clear pool music is visible. Natural pool of formation an affectionate couple and expanse of dragon pool surface, pool water is clear, tourist but paddle rows. Day of arduous, strange stone becomes the mountain peak inside the area. Modelling of coronal of aid fair look distinct, remarkably like the true, the peak such as crowd of stage of stone of chelonian of mountain of accipitral mouth peak, camel, god, phoenix, stone Shi Jun uncanny workmanship, full of humour and wit.

The service facilities all such as ministry of the guest room inside beauty spot, commodity, dining-room, parking lot is all ready, and open folk-custom travel recieves a project. Tourist can be in farmhouse board and lodging, appreciate folkway public feelings. Night, people still can light a bonfire, in mad dance of outdoor ballroom tall song.

Tickets And Time

Grow up 20 yuan, student 10 yuan, tourist guide one second collect fees 50 yuanHow To Get There

From east straight door multiplies road and 936 916 cars or Xuan Wu door to all can arrive to the trailer coach of divine hall valley.

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