Dragon China tower

By admin - Posted on 19 January 2009


Dragon China tower is peace and tranquility of Northen Song Dynasty allows a country 2 years (the Christian era 977 years) architectural is vestigial. Introduction

This is the tower of the Song Dynasty with one accurate coordinate, before be located in dragon China temple. In all 7 class 8, 40.6 meters tall. For timberwork of pavilion type brick, tower is bricklaying empty barrel type, square is for nothing inside, set wooden stairs, outside the tower every all have smooth, tick off column, upturned eaves to become warped horn. Tower brim extend is far-reaching, tower column and smooth under all have dougong layer upon layer foil, make the modelling precious Long of whole pagoda beautiful, very beautiful. 2000, built the square before the tower of 5000 square metre, circle pavilion of stage of tower corridor bridge, booth, too many beautiful things.
Address: Xu collects Ou Longhua means 2853. How To Get There

Public transportation 41, 44, 809, 734, 933, 864, 73, 87, 104, 166, 733, orbit 3 lines (the) below station of district of dragon water transport.

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