Drop water lake

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Drop water lake is located in Yan Qing county, it is the cascade with a distinctive form, as a result of fall many meters about 20, underwater acoustic and plangent, and the upside of chute is lesser, like the water that crock bend gives, reason renown " drop jug " .

The wintry scene of drop water lake has distinguishing feature extremely, chute hangs Man Bingling on both sides cliff, there is glacial flower on fill clump, exterior aspic becomes current translucent " glacial bucket " , "Bucket " the water inside is flowing as before, below sunshine illuminate, excessive colour flows fragrant, colourful is marvellous spectacle. As a result of spring constant temperature, green grass of the four seasons below chute is immortal.

How To Get There

Address: Yan Qingdong ministry is a mountainous area 1000 inn press down area of sanded Liang Zi
Traffic: De Sheng door comes by 919 Yan Qing, or east straight door gets off by hotel of 916 Great Walls, turn by Dong Maozhong cling to.

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