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In east ground of the city zone installs door Wai Street. Ming Yongle 18 years (1420) build, clear Jia Qingwu year (1800) repair again. The city desk that makes an appointment with 4 meters high is below, stage around has certificate door each 3, control each. Floor is broad 5, duouble-eaved roof tile of 3 water ash rests the summit. Drum-tower is bright Qing Dynasty the place that two generation announce the correct time to whole town drum. 1924 for a time instead " bright shame building " , display the Eight Power Allied Force to inbreak the objective that national humiliation concerns when Beijing. Existent and upstairs one side more beat, there is knife mark on, chop for place of the Eight Power Allied Force namely. Tickets And Time

20 yuanHow To Get There

5, 60, 107, 124, 734, 815, 819 can amount to.

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