Emei Shan

By admin - Posted on 29 March 2008

The route to the summit crosses a lush and diverse landscape with enchanted rock formations, waterfalls and narrow gorges.
Climbing upward you'll ecounter countless templies and pavilions. Thousands of pigrims walk the way to the top. Thousands of pilgrims walk the way to the top - many of them elderly and sporting canes with their pockets filled with incense and gostdom paper money to be burned.
The first temple erected on the mountain was built during the Han dynasty, and during the Ming and Qing dynasties. Emei Shan became one of Chinese most important centers for Buddhism. Many of its 100 temples fell into disrepair after the fall of the Qing Dynasty, but since 1976, much has done to restore past glory.
By far the most beautiful path to the top follows the southern route, which is also the longest. However, you'll be rewarded whih marvelous landscapes and pass by colonies the monkeys. A word of warning, don't walk around monkey and they'll steal right out of your bag if you happen to open it in front of them. But if you act humble and show them empty hands, they're also smart enough to go look for wealthier prey. Either that or buy a strong walking stick for self-defense.

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