Field of Yin Qixing ski

By admin - Posted on 19 January 2009


Yin Qixing is indoor ski field (former Hokkaido is indoor ski field) , its dimensions and professional level occupy world lead position. Introduction

Ski field always covers an area of an area 100, 800 square metre, floor area 52, 000 square metre, ski run is 380 meters long, 80 meters wide, can hold ski of nearly 1000 people at the same time. Introduce the machine building snow of Japanese latest technology, the artificial snow that builds and natural snow are almost identical, firn ply amounts to 50 centimeter. Indoor temperature maintains 0 ℃ all the year round the following. Highest gradient is trail 17 degrees, the 2nd gradient is 15 degrees, lowermost gradient is 12 degrees, the tourist can choose gradient according to his ski competence freedom. Ski field is accessary mobile establishment floor area is close 20000 square metre, set the dining-room of Chinese and Western, bar, bathhouse, recreation establishment such as KTV.
Address: 7 Shen road 1835 (close Gu Dailu)
Phone: 021-64788666

How To Get There

Regular bus: Square of north of station of subway Shen bank (daytime) , xu Jiahui (nightly) . 803, 91, 953, all can arrive Shen north line.

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