Former residence of Zou Tao act vigorously

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This is a common and Western-style building, the host of the house -- Zou Tao act vigorously, embellish of favour of original name Zou, "Act vigorously sheathing or bow case " it is him 1926 chief editor " the life " the pen name that uses after weekly, "Sheath or bow case " meaning hide one's capacities and bide one's time, "Act vigorously " meaning struggle indefatigable. Introduction

Times of youth of act vigorously sheathing or bow case ever read liberal art of university of Shanghai testament writing. Testament writings brush the university is the missonary school that American opens, found 1876, it is Shanghai's earliest university. It is courtyard of Huadong politics law now, building of act vigorously sheathing or bow case and statue of act vigorously sheathing or bow case are the mark sex building of this garden. Chief editor begins after he graduates " education and profession " monthly magazine and compile " the profession teachs a series of books " . October 1926, replace of act vigorously sheathing or bow case " the life " weekly chief editor, those who publish is dapper completely, lively the article of the fraud when hit the point, welcome accordingly by the masses.
1930, zou Tao's act vigorously couple is hired issued class of law concession Lv Lu Moyi lane serves as abode 54 numbers.
On November 22, 1936, kuomintang government arrested Zou Tao act vigorously and the other chief of meeting saving the nation illegally, made those who astonish China and foreign countries " 7 gentleman incident " . In bagnio, the person such as Zou act vigorously sheathing or bow case remain faithful and unyielding. This dwelling place of lane of 10 thousand appropriate left after act vigorously sheathing or bow case is released from prison. Died of illness 1944 at Shanghai.

To commemorate Zou Tao act vigorously, mixed in his former residence 1956 next door 53 built memorial hall of act vigorously sheathing or bow case. What what display is the primary thing that Zou Tao act vigorously has used before one's death. Upper part of fireplace of the right side is being hanged considerably the photograph of mother of act vigorously sheathing or bow case, or so both sides has two to deserve to have the picture frame of landscape only; An embroidery that left fireplace upper part is hanging Zhen of wife Shenyang pure (she is inwrought expert) formerly. Sunshine from south the French window among the wall is shot, appear warm all the more, be like awaiting far the act vigorously sheathing or bow case that go returns.
Address: The road austral Chongqing 205 lane 54
Phone: 021- 63842811Tickets And Time

9: 00 - 11: 00, 13: 00 - 16: 00
5 yuan, organization 10 people above 4 yuan. How To Get There

17, 24, 36, 146, 575, 780, 781, 786, 864, 869, 933, 932, channel is 8 lines, big bridge a gleam of.

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