Garden of the Chinese nation

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Garden of Beijing the Chinese nation is one recovers from an illness, collect, display and the large anthropologic museum that culture of 56 peoples of research China, cultural relic, society lives, it is a country tourist attraction of first AAAA stage travel. Garden of the Chinese nation is located in inside national Olympic park, cover an area of 50 hectare, the museum of 56 nations of Chinese and scene area are planned inside garden. Garden of the Chinese nation began to build 1992, boreal garden built on June 28, 1994 open, the garden austral September 29, 2001 builds open.

Garden of the Chinese nation plans 56 groups of buildings of Chinese each nation, already built 48 groups now. Include civilian house building, religion building, landscape construction. Building form covers Chinese traditional architectural all typical forms -- crypt type, dry column type, cave dwelling type, tent type, watchtower type, dry-well type, courtyard type, alone room of control of building of foot of courtyard type, condole, earth.

Because be in sampling, design, building materials, construction, consuetudinary the basic principle that waits for a respect to abide by cultural relic strictly to duplicate, make this approves ethical structure to have cultural relic sex undoubtedly, for the research of architectural, anthropologic, museology, provided rich material. Obtained organizing committee of world architect congress to issue 1998 " protective nation builds award " .

Tourist guide of garden of the Chinese nation pursues

Tickets And Time

Adult ticket 90 yuan, student ticket 65 yuan, ticket of winter vacation student 36 yuan, ticket of summer vacation student 52 yuan, 60 ~ proof of 79 years old of old people 65 yuan;
Every hold tourist of bill year after year can carry 1.2 meters of the following cheeper freely name or old person of one 80 years old of above enter garden;
City of altar of the Tibetian in visiting garden, Wang Tianshu and take yacht, tourist car to need to buy a ticket alone.
Boreal garden annual is open, south garden is annual 4 ~ are open in November; Complete garden opens time 8:30 ~ 18:00. How To Get There

By 113, 645, 839 arrive directly; Multiply 345, 55, 315, 344, 727, 670, 819, 919, 804 or 618, in opening of a surname home the station gets off eastwards; By 407 in road of boreal celestial bodies the station gets off to on the west; Multiply 21, 380, 409, 702, 734, 849 or 653, in panda annulus island the station gets off northerly; Multiply 386, 737, 740, 939, 944, 944 raise or 656, in road of boreal celestial bodies the station gets off Xiang Na. Also can take link line subway to stand in drum-tower ave, change 819, or in stable door change 407.
Drive oneself: Respectively city of earth of road of classics north celestial bodies, north on the west prosperous of road, Beijing 3 annulus road, north all can arrive at freeway, north 4 annulus road.

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