Garden of tulip of golden small cup

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Garden of tulip of Beijing gold small cup is market scientific research, production sale, view and admire, the tulip that the function such as You Le, recreational, meal is an organic whole views and admire plantation. During tulip section, the be wild with joy of tulip winter jasmine that there will be 100 kinds of 1 million individual plants to be imported from Holand directly inside tulip garden. Tourists can be experienced already " early spring go for a walk in the country in spring knows where, view garden admires the beauty of flowers tulip " feeling, still can go up in the surface inside garden oarage paddle, bird fish with a hook and line is granted inside lark garden and go angling pool.

Tickets And Time

15 yuanHow To Get There

Address: Countryside of small cup of gold of area of Beijing rising sun
Multiply 418, 672, station of 735 tulip garden falls

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