Golden Pebble Beach National Resort

By admin - Posted on 30 March 2008

The clear waters of Dalian make for a good excursioin during the summers. Dolphins are also a local resident in the waters; you might be able to catch a glimpse of them if you're lucky. Both beaches are located northest of the city near the booming Economic Development Zone Swimming and other typical touristy entertainments during the warm seasons are on offer, but due to the crowds, the parks may actually be most pleasant during the off-season when you can spend some time beside the ocean without the jostling.
Other oceanfront areas can be hard to find for non-locals. Then don't have the lovely sands and the facilities of the better-developed beaches, but they can also be a pleasant experiences and provide opportunities for fishing. Unfortunately, it's impossible to get to the ocean anywhere near downtown Dalian - the harbor areas are very tightly secured - so is Lushun to the south which is a naval base.

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