Great Wall of ancient north mouth

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Be located in close cloud county, it is the middle of hill custom and Juyongguan Pass, it is the ground of Kyoto key since ancient times. The Great Wall of ancient north mouth on broad sense is to include the Great Wall such as minister stage paragraph, what what tell here is depend on close river on the west a paragraph of the village, in those days " Great Wall war of resistance against aggression " seat of battlefield of ancient north mouth.

And somewhere else wild Great Wall is different, periphery of here Great Wall has the other building such as old times make imperial palace for short stays away from the capital, because this divides ancient Great Wall paragraph still have:

Other Great Wall

How To Get There

Station of straight door, Xizhimen is multiplied east bear the long-distance car of direction of smooth, paddock, Feng Ning reachs heart, Luan ancient north mouth collects fees the station gets off; Or in east straight door station comes by 980 close cloud station, turn again in multiplying cling to head for.

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