Great Wall of golden hill mountain

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


The area just outside a city gate is linked together, enemy the close defense system that the Lou Xiangwang, bodyguard that weigh a city, balefire calls the police and concentrated enemy building. Introduction

Be located in county of Beijing close cloud and Heibei to make the same score prefectural boundary, its build a characteristic is enemy building blockhouse concentrated, structural choiceness. Visit Great Wall of golden hill mountain, basically view and admire it to if one holds his head high,still become warped then the megalosaurus of end, the boundless imposing manner of the peak of the mountain of strange peak high that flies swiftly upward to rise and fall at be continuous, and the building characteristic with rigor of its that fortify, distinctive ingenious.

Other Great Wall

How To Get There

From east long-distance station takes straight door the bus that leaves for close cloud or Xiaoba, turn in the county by leave for ancient north mouth or the car of area of travel of golden hill mountain arrives namely, one-way need about 3 - 4 hours.

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