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By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Ancient cliff house is unit of protection of Beijing cultural relic, be located in in gorge of northwest of Yan Qing county, be apart from the urban district to make an appointment with 90 kilometers, it is the cliff house relics that at present China north area discovers scale is the largest.

Ancient cliff house is by one had be notted decide talk first civilian, on abrupt precipice the cliff of cut resides burrow. Here in all in store 147 stone room, before cent is, medium, hind 3 parts, pensile go up at making an appointment with the precipice of 100 thousand square metre. Stone room or portal photograph look, or border close, or tall or low, strewn at random have send, distribution with the proper method.

Construction of building of room of stone of ancient cliff house is complex, the design is clever. The time of its cut, history, setting and utility, exact record is not had in history, remain a mystery up to now.

Tickets And Time

40 yuanHow To Get There

Address: Delay battalion of the Zhang Shan that celebrate a county to press down
Traffic: De Sheng door reachs Yan Qing county to get off by 919 buses, turn to arrive by 920 buses again east door battalion stands or station of Zhang Shan battalion arrives namely.

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