Guo Mei is like former residence

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Guo Mei if the pensile Deng Ying on forehead of former residence door exceeds inscribe " Guo Mei is like former residence " Jin Zimu plaque. There is Guo Mei to be like the ginkgo that the couple cultivates with one's own hands and peony inside the courtyard. Showroom often is in Guo the achievement of each sphere of learning or different history period had special subject introduction, revealing poet, scholar to hold the soldier's not ordinary lifetime concurrently. The sitting room of principal rooms, office, bedroom all also is displayed by original state showpiece. Tickets And Time

20 yuan, student 10 yuan, old people 60 years old of half price, military half price.
close a shopHow To Get There

Address: On the west the sea before the city zone on the west street 18
Traffic: Multiply 111, 107, 118 electric car, or 13, 701, 850, 810 buses get off to station of door of north of the North sea arrive namely.

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