Han village river

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Be located in Beijing southwest 40 kilometers place, highway expanse, street and neat, flowers fragrance, arboreous everywhere shady.

"Beijing outskirt head rich " Han Cun river provided good study, recreational, public place of entertainment for the villager, there is Beijing outskirt norms here the village office garden with the largest best installation, the first village does outskirt having capital college education building, the first village does outskirt having capital travel agent, still have swimming-pool and cinema.

You Hancun river, can see rustic new picture mainly, appreciate rural rurality, still can arrive farmhouse be a guest, eat farmhouse meal, experience farmhouse lives, understanding farmhouse does poineering work difficultly, become rich with one's shoulder to collar course.

Tickets And Time

25 yuanHow To Get There

Crossover multiplies branch line of river of village of 917 buses Han to arrive directly at Han village river;
Drive oneself: By Beijing stone river of freeway coloured glaze is exported - coloured glaze river - Yue Li - Han Cun river

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