Hei Longtan

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Hei Longtan is located in stone of close cloud county urban and rural deerskin closes a in full-length fall of 4 kilometers, water level in 220 meters gorge, be apart from 100 kilometers of Beijing. Spring flower, Qiu Yue, smooth sand, fall wild goose, music, fold, heavy, dangerous the 18 pools such as the pool are scattered fall in deep and serene gorge, 1000 appearance 100 condition, each are gotten coquettish, annual 4 ~ will be travel wedding day in October.

Come Hei Longtan travels, north can arrive Kyoto the first waterfall, can swim on the west lie tiger waterfall, gorge can be cheated to the cloud south, east considerable sunrise of close cloud reservoir.

Tickets And Time

36 yuan, student, old person 7 fold. How To Get There

Car of special railway line of bus of announce fierce door; East straight door station 980, 987 special railway line are nonstop;
Drive oneself: Beijing - 3 yuan of bridges - Beijing by the way - Beijing close road - Ruihaimu - cloud Fosan - close closely road - Hei Longtan

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