Heng Shan road is recreational street

By admin - Posted on 19 January 2009


Chinese parasol, green shade, building of peaceful, exotic emotional appeal, Ou Liu, bar, this is Heng Shan road. Someone says: Go in Heng Shan road, walked into 10 thousand kinds of amorous feelings of Shanghai namely. Introduction

The Heng Shan Ludong that has history of 80 one's remaining years has peach river way, join treasure celebrates a road, mount Hua road is amounted to on the west, full-length 2.3 kilometers, it is Shanghai the recreational recreation of the most negative great reputation a street. Only then built 1922, ever was the shellfish with law famous concession when the road, in October 1943 more the name is Heng Shan road.
Road both sides is exuberant French phoenix tree, the building of high-grade Europe land that has distinguishing feature quite is in Lin Yin, the rufous footpath that the footpath that two side still have Europe type color keeps apart way of style of stage of column, copy and trade establish cover board, the garden villa broken wall of along the line is fully green, seem a covered corridor or walk of a pair of canvas. Road of its middling heart 195 Chang Degong contain is namely in those days Zhang Ailing's abode -- Edinburgh apartment (EdingburghHouse) .

The most attractive on Heng Shan road should belong to bar. The bar with night brilliant lights is built for Heng Shan road give a kind of hazy and ambiguous individual lasting appeal, attracted the tourist of world each district. The bar style here each different, dimensions is differ, have flower type emotional appeal " Long Sha " , of American style " wave 缽 street " , sweet and nostalgic " days flows backwards " , of Irish amorous feelings " Ou Mali " , of match well of Chinese and Western " small red building " , of halfback vogue " true love " , amiable " hair hair " wait, almost each differ savour, the person of different society estate can be in what they find on Heng Shan road to love most, experience a god-given relaxation and extend.

Tickets And Time

FreeHow To Get There

Station of district of Heng Shan of a line issues the subway, or by public transportation 15, 49, 94, 830 wait.

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