House of Chinese modern literature

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


House of Chinese modern literature is one accumulate the structure of mark sex literature that contains grumous literature flavor, showed the new trend that builds aesthetic. Literary house shares Tibet to taste 380 thousand now, already built at present have Ba Jinwen the chinese mainland such as library of library, library glacial a heart, Yu Ping uncle, fourth Ling library, harbor, bay, the library of stage and abroad Chinese writer in all 81.

Current, the books data of literary house achieved modernization administration, deserve to have computer government system and advanced custodial, retrieve, duplicate and read equipment, can provide considerate service for the reader.

Tickets And Time

20 yuan (the parent buys 20 yuan of entrance ticket, the child can look around freely)
Zhou Yi closes a shop. How To Get There

Address: Route of embassy of sunny area literature 45
Traffic: Multiply 119, 367, below station of 409 literature house

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