House of Chinese science and technology

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


House of Chinese science and technology basically exhibits a project to be set inside A house, basically introduce the content such as science and technology of ancient time of industrial science and technology, China. Here much test equipment, can make a tourist sufficient appreciate the glamour of science and technology. House of Chinese science and technology still builds hall of image of screen having the sky to be able to be offerred view and admire film, experience very true face a result. Children science Eden mixes moral education, intellectual education, sports organic ground combines aesthetic education together, suit 3 ~ 10 years old children. Tickets And Time

FreeHow To Get There

Address: On the west north of the city zone the road in 3 annulus 1
Traffic: Multiply 21, 300, 407, 730, station of house of 801 science and technology falls can

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