Jin Haihu

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Jin Haihu is located in smooth cereal county east 18 kilometers place, be apart from 85 kilometers of Beijing, north has big golden hill, there is lake village south, it is market takes, live, play, swim, buy, amusement at an organic whole recreational, go vacationing, travel resort.

There are natural landscape and humanitarian landscape inside scene area tens of place. Lake northwest has Guan Jingtang on hill head, it depends on large dams of golden sea lake on the west, 3 annulus water, ming Zhu of all sides upturned eaves. On the highest peak in a mountain range of horizontal hill well-known view " hump afterglow " , have be as deep as several a unit of length to live the dove hole that has hundreds dove, have the Dong Ge hole that ever had cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine of two Taoism priest, still have the big track that 2 man spirit keeps hole of exceeding lofty or great and fokelore.

Happy project of upper reaches of Jin Haihu water has: 60 people dragon boat, 120 people motor vessel, hand rows, mosquito craft, pilot boat of the bicycle on the parachute on a light boat, water, water, small duck oneself, swim etc.

Tickets And Time

18 yuan
Entrance ticket yacht 55 yuan / person; Entrance ticket mosquito craft strop 75 yuan / person; Entrance ticket mosquito craft 55 yuan / person; Entrance ticket parachute jumping 100 yuan / person; Entrance ticket skip extremely 42 yuan / person. How To Get There

Straight door reachs smooth Gu Keda by 918 east.

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