Jiulong Amusement Park of 9 dragon amusement park

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


9 dragon amusement park is located in the area of travel of reservoir of the Ming Tombs of picturesque scenery, it is prior of our country building a large modern amusement park, element with magical and excellent the East China Sea Long Gong, colourful aquatic animals world, effect is distinct " Tetele " use the feeling cinema, meal office that reachs decorous quiet and beautiful famed and get the favour of tourist.

This high grade that pays attention to You Le establishment field and artistic connotation, already introduced American new technology, build had lotic float and toy city, can experience alarmingly dangerous and exciting flavor adequately. New established beautiful elegant travel agent and outskirt are wild go vacationing the village can provide all-around service. Annual the dragon boat boatrace that 7 ~ will have a tradition in August and travel section activity, wedding day of go on a journey is 4 ~ November.

Tickets And Time

Sheet buys entrance ticket 10 yuan; Underwater dragon palace 30 yuan; Tetele 20 yuan; Aquaria 15 yuan; Race bleachs balsa 20 yuan; F-1 racing bicycle 15 yuan; Touch meet a ship 15 yuan; Big yacht 15 yuan; Dinosaurian cereal 10 yuan; Demon unreal world 20 yuan. Couplet ticket 65 yuan (optional above 4 appearance, itself already included scene area entrance ticket) ; 100 yuan (above is all project, additional include 25 yuan motor boat)How To Get There

Stable door gets the better of the door to arrive directly by 919 inside garden by 643 road, heart, 345 branch line involve change to Chang Pingdong inside 6 nonstop garden.

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